Pay back …

Even though I Know a claim
Can be without true blame
I’m co-created compensated
Now and then we’ve related
Too the fact I’m taken back
Time like mines alright Jack
I’m the last cab off the rack
You have paid for all I Lack.

I’m candid about my family
Give a damn for well being
All the eyes I see do save
Me from disability a fact
That phsyco logically I’m
Informal I think normally
Mentally being a casualty
As just a has been on ACC.

My best defence was attack
The fine print in a contract
The bottom line my reason
Rhymes I was dead on time
Cos I signed up in my head
Why I was not brown bread
They burnt my crust justice
Means I had cash too redeem.

Dreams are free but costly
More than all we do believe
Out of touch doubt as such
We take a hand out to lunch
Someone bet me to the punch
Way back when this pen was
Weaker then the sword I’ve
Written off financial reward.

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