Bargin deals…

Sometimes I’m left right behind
The eight ball why I am inclned
Too go in off cos my angles not
The same my lines get tangled
shall remain all I understand
This was not my business-plan
Cos I don’t believe in gambling
It is on the cards I am handling

Rotten is this bait of mine fate
Lately I’m doing time waiting in
The Smokey haze I’m only joking
My choking days are not in token
It’s just because I’m paranoid
All I enjoyed I must avoid anoid
I’ve toyed with these ideas this
Home boys unemployed unaware.

Even though I have slowed down
I was at home in Welling-town
Telling all I’m spelling out
Selling myself short in doubt
That I could ever play again
No preposed date enclosed with
Gaffer tape sticking to a fate
My family and friends I relate.

Quite candidly as I look back I’ve
Lived a lifetime I’m alright Jack
There’s so much more I’d give away
Besides my time is the time of day
Its ridiculous but just four kicks
Was my lights out about our wicks
By candle light I lit his fuse this
Is business-wise why I’m selfamused.

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