Fresh air…

Hearing this I am tearing up
Caring that you care enough
Sharing is the nature of love
A cross I bare too give a stuff
About our best conduct now
All we love can end abrupt as
Sometimes I self destruct all
Else I’ve called my good luck.

I duck and dive too be alive
We’ve all got our own beliefs
Somehow now the lot I vow
We all need true relief too
Get us through these days it
Is business that we pay to be
Witten off today in the ways
You have got us all engaged.

I am crazy upon these grounds
I give a damn and jam around
I am no stranger to this crowd
My attitude is pretty proud it’s
Not as if I’m spitting tacks that
I am coming back by summing
Up where I am at I am relaxed
Matter of fact I am alright Jack.

Praise we offered in the coffers
Your words do soften my reality
With ability as hard as it seems
My woken dreams are regarding
You and me cos I’m a has been
A casualty I am now gradually
Somehow working out casually
Circumstantially I breathe easy.

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