In your hands …

As what will be literally
Well written is this pen
My business then again
In ink I’m bleeding when
The way I every day need
To print the prose others
Say the price I pay to go
On with the show today.

Somehow now I have
Seen the light means
Dreams are free they
Seem sometimes too
Cross the lines yours
And mine I understand
The hands of time can
slowly change a mind.

Though black and white is
Everything I will write what
Will be the sting is in this
Tale of the love we nailed
To the cross was just cos
Of the life you’ve lost paid
Our way now just because
You do give a toss for us.

Focusing on all He brings
Trusting that these songs
We’re singing ring a toll in
Everyone for the soul of
Anyone can be saved love
Forgives more then enough
Even though believie it’s so
When loving is off the cuff.

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