Just because…

I do believe we all have seen
My beliefs know what I mean
These reasons I must believe
Who wants cake and not pav
As cream does come with both
Love it seems that dreams are
Free too you and me beyond
The post I’Il still see my ghost.

All I want I used too have
The fact that I went mad
It saddens me I’m glad to
Be nobody elses cup of
Tea, herbal I think verbally
Drinking coffee nervously
Ridiculous I spill the beans
But only in these dreams.

Because you’re the host of all
I do without you I’ve not a clue
These pennies drop into my lap
Peace of mind from where I’m at
Please I know the captains cap
I should wear because perhaps
Somehow now my every vow has
Come to mind our here and now.

On the outside I hide behind my
Mixed up fixed up mind my pride
I try too keep inside besides the
Tears that escape my eyes I see
The reasons words are wise it
Is hard too be real I’ve realised
I regard these lines I’ve crossed
Scar and mar me just because…

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