Missing the plot…

This is all for your benefit
Unsure of the fallen profit
Because the plot isn’t alot
Beyond the minimum wage
You did now turn the page
Because your pay is minimal
You’ve all become criminals
But grass grows so naturally.

Work or play I’ll shirk today
Time I play blows me away
We didn’t kid around made
Our favourite sounds in a
Garage underground found
Up here we do come down
It’s where we’Il joke around
Smoke and sorrows drown.

Crowned with a haircut as
A head I will shut my mouth
And forget what is said yet
I’ll spill these beans instead
I have argued with myself
About alot else, of course
While my North and South
I’ll stand behind my spouse.

I’ve gone to town on my way
I’m on a train within my brain
Being all there more or less I’d
Phone numbers known press
Pressure points nerves anoint
Cut to the bone another joint
We could always get a loan
Or bludge the budget blown.

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