Indecisions I have made do
Cause collisions in my brain
Sink or swim sorrows drown
Tomorrow this is going down
Below the surface under tow
Makes me wonder all I know
Living in the after glow we’d
Rather go on with the show.

Laughter tickles all my ribs
Father thats the way we’ve
Lived believing you believed
In me more than all I did see
The truth the proof I’d need
Ever so briefly I’d perceived
Sure of all we had achieved
Nothing hidden up a sleeve.

I kid you not what happens
Next I had the captains rep
Except I could not accept its
To myself I should have kept
I wish I’d looked before I lept
And swept away all my debt
That’s just cos I am no reject
A cassette tape you do eject.

Second sights another since
My own lean beef got turned
To mince I am rinsed off but
Not washed up in the sink is
My coffee cup another mug
I’ll do the dishes with a plug
For all your wishes somehow
Wazzo Ghoti is now delicious.

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