Did you say you want some self
medication baby
Maybe there’s a place open late
Living is a wicked and a wild affair
Life wants to pile it self all over your plate
The world doesn’t owe me anything
I have to grab it by the throat and make it give
For now I’m having fun and leaving paperwork undone
With people screaming this is no way to live
(wah wah)

Are you tired of the recriminations baby
Did you just wanna get some relief
There’s always something coming at us all of the time
It would be easy to lie down in defeat
This little piggy went to market and they cut of his legs
Now the economy is running sweet
Power to the people with a fist in the air
That’s a show that’s gonna sell some hot seats
(woah yeah)

Hear me whisper how I’m going
to hold you baby
I don’t wanna hold you down
Up in my arms with the stars
behind you
Fooling around maybe I’ll
surprise you
In for a pound a penny drops
beside you
Out on the town your mother
told me to mind you
You say you’ll see me round
Well not if I can find you first
(ah hah yeah)

Did you say you want that good medication baby
Maybe there’s a place open late
Or we can go in through the roof and leave a trail of bloody proof
All the way to our front gate
(Yeah we can)

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